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SubjectRe: [PATCH 05/18] fs: inode split IO and LRU lists
> -	struct list_head	i_list;		/* backing dev IO list */
> + struct list_head i_io; /* backing dev IO list */
> + struct list_head i_lru; /* backing dev IO list */

a) that pair of comments would be disqualified in IOCCC ;-)
b) have a pity on folks who will have to talk about the code. I mean,
how would you say that? Ai-Ai-Oh?

> +extern struct percpu_counter nr_inodes;
> +extern struct percpu_counter nr_inodes_unused;

Ehh... At least take that to fs/internal.h. Preferably don't expose at

> - list_del(&inode->i_list);
> - list_add(&inode->i_list, &bdi->wb.b_dirty);
> + list_del(&inode->i_io);
> + list_add(&inode->i_io, &bdi->wb.b_dirty);

list_move()? Ditto for the next few. And, while that's not directed
at you, this kind of loops is Not Nice(tm)...

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