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    Subjectx86_64 2.6.35.* kernels and Intel Xeon X5550

    I administer a cluster composed of a mixture of various Opteron models and
    Intel Xeon X5550's. The 2.6.34.*, and prior, kernels run fine on all of
    them. The 2.6.35 series also runs fine on the Opterons, but not on the
    Xeon's. All of these are CONFIG_GENERIC_CPU kernels.

    On the Xeon's, 2.6.35 hangs early on, upon the first test of trace events
    (in kernel/trace/trace_events.c:event_trace_self_tests()). When disabling
    all tracing, debugging, etc., it still hangs but slightly later. The
    megaraid_sas module is loaded, detects the adapter, but never gets around
    to registering it with the SCSI layer.

    Core2-specific kernels also hang the same way, as do UP kernels. I've
    tried backing out certain commits that seemed likely candidates, but have
    yet to stumble upon the one (or more) that is causing this.

    Does anyone have any ideas?



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