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    SubjectSystem freeze on shutdown - bisected to commit 29d08b3efddc

    My system has been crashing these past few days when issuing "reboot"
    or hitting the Shut Down button in gnome. I get a series of stack
    traces scrolling on the console before things freeze up completely.
    The traces that I do see at the end point to kmem_cache_alloc called
    from get_empty_filp, but there are typically various other traces
    above it.

    It is easily reproducible so I took the time today to bisect it down
    to this recent commit:
    drm/gem: handlecount isn't really a kref so don't make it one

    Reverting the commit on top of current git fixes the problem. The
    system has an Nvidia card and loads the nouveau driver. Current
    .config is attached.

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