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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] jump label: disable due to compiler bug
On 10/29/2010 10:33 AM, Steven Rostedt wrote:
>> Should this knowledge be builtin to the jump label enabling calculus?
> No, because we can't trust versions. We never know what home grown gcc a
> kernel developer is using (and what has been backported or not). Thus
> the only option is to have a builtin test we can do at compile time to
> determine if the bug exists or not and decide then.
> Note, I'm currently running my last set of patches through ktest. When
> it finishes (presumably with no issues), I'll post a pull request.

I disagree with that assessment.

We know that if version >= 4.5.2 the problem has been fixed, and that
for earlier versions we can't know if it's there, so just disable it for
gcc < 4.5.2. The fix might have been backported, but it's not a big
deal if the users of backported compilers don't see the full benefit --
it's only a problem during a limited time window anyway.

Admittedly it would be nice to have a header file or even a
configuration file where the gcc version is tested and workarounds are
centralized; then the backporters could put their own overrides in there.


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