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SubjectRe: v2.6.36-rc8..v2.6.36 regression on NULL pointer deference at disk_replace_part_tbl+0x32
On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 10:25 AM, Luis R. Rodriguez <> wrote:
> I've filled out a bug report for a regression when I enable USB tether
> on my Nexus One when hooked up to my laptop. I get a NULL pointer
> dereference. This is a regression between v2.6.36-rc8 and v2.6.36. I
> will bisect when I get a chance.




> BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000000000003a0

> Pid: 22, comm: khubd Not tainted 2.6.36-wl+ #13 6460DWU/6460DWU
> RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff812aec32>]  [<ffffffff812aec32>] disk_replace_part_tbl+0x32/0x80


> Call Trace:
>  [<ffffffff812aed08>] disk_release+0x28/0x50
>  [<ffffffff813833f7>] device_release+0x27/0xa0
>  [<ffffffff812bcd87>] kobject_release+0x47/0x90
>  [<ffffffff812bcd40>] ? kobject_release+0x0/0x90
>  [<ffffffff812be1e7>] kref_put+0x37/0x70
>  [<ffffffff812bcc47>] kobject_put+0x27/0x60
>  [<ffffffff812bcd40>] ? kobject_release+0x0/0x90
>  [<ffffffff812aed47>] put_disk+0x17/0x20
>  [<ffffffff813c3c37>] sg_device_destroy+0x67/0xa0
>  [<ffffffff813c3bd0>] ? sg_device_destroy+0x0/0xa0
>  [<ffffffff812be1e7>] kref_put+0x37/0x70
>  [<ffffffff813c3b9e>] sg_remove+0xfe/0x130
>  [<ffffffff81383d51>] device_del+0xc1/0x1d0
>  [<ffffffff81383e76>] device_unregister+0x16/0x30
>  [<ffffffff813b6e95>] __scsi_remove_device+0xa5/0xc0
>  [<ffffffff813b322c>] scsi_forget_host+0x5c/0x80
>  [<ffffffff813aab1f>] scsi_remove_host+0x6f/0x120
>  [<ffffffffa004c46b>] quiesce_and_remove_host+0x6b/0xc0 [usb_storage]
>  [<ffffffffa004c592>] usb_stor_disconnect+0x22/0x40 [usb_storage]

Odd, I get 0 results with a:

git log v2.6.36-rc8..v2.6.36 scsiglue.c protocol.c transport.c usb.c
initializers.c sierra_ms.c option_ms.c

So the issue must be elsewhere unless there was a subsystem change
that triggered a new issue on usb-storage.

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