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SubjectRe: fyi: gcc33-hammer crashes when compiling kvm emulate.c
On 10/26/2010 10:01 AM, Andi Kleen wrote:
>> Not unless they are actively known to break. People get huffy about it
> Well they do -- i just found out.

Sounds like a good reason to put in a warning or error.

>> because even if it is known to have problems it doesn't break *their*
>> particular configuration. I'm getting to be of the opinion that people
>> who compile modern kernels with ancient compilers and expect it to work
>> are suffering from some particular kind of insanity -- it's nothing the
>> distros do. The only exception are embedded people who compile with the
>> latest 3.4 gcc; they have explained they do so because newer gccs have
>> too many dependencies (the actual compiler, not the generated code) and
>> for speed.
> At least in the old days the main reason for gcc 3 was build speed.
> AKPM and some others used to be fond of that.
> 3.x is apparently much faster than 4.x

That is an issue too, as 3.x does a lot fewer optimizations than 4.x.


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