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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/29] My patch queue for memorystick subsystem
    I would like to summarize my impression until now:

    1. There are 3 functional fixes to Jmicron driver, which are rather small
    when taken to their essence (disregarding renames and idle code movements).

    2. There is 1 functional enhancement to the MS Pro driver, not too big,
    pertaining to extended command execution and resulting in 10% speedup in
    some cases.

    3. There are 25 patches which just rewrite everything for no good reason
    (by this I mean bugs or missing functionality).

    Why don't we deal with p.1 and p.2 first, before going to the p.3, as I
    suggested from the beginning?

    I don't have any specific objections to Ricoh driver as it is.

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