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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] VFIO V4: VFIO driver: Non-privileged user level PCI drivers
Michael & Alex et al -
Sorry for going quiet; I've been digesting the comments and researching a
lot more stuff. I plan to release V5 shortly after 2.6.36 is out, highlights
will be:

1. Re-written pci config tables - using approach suggested by MST to clean
things up. Looking much better. Also fixed endian issues.
2. Clean up ROM bar handling. Now only read() system call can access rom bar;
it is always disabled afterwards.
3. Clean up pci_iomap and pci_request_regions handling. Allocates on demand
but frees all on close.
4. Resets device on open. Disables, but does not do full reset on close due to
lock problem with remove() callers.
5. Fixed up memlock rlimit accounting.
6. Lots of small cleanups.

Stay tuned.
I'm also looking at adding PCIe extended capabilities - got a request from a
cisco project.

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