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Subjectsysctl_{tcp,udp,sctp}_mem overflow on 16TB system.

On a 16TB system, we noticed that sysctl_tcp_mem[2] and sysctl_udp_mem[2]
were negative. Code review indicates that the same should occur with

There are a couple ways we could address this. The one which appears most
reasonable would be to change the struct proto defintion for sysctl_mem
from an int to a long and handle all the associated fallout.

An alternative is to limit the calculation to 1/2 INT_MAX. The downside
being that the administrator could not tune the system to use more than
INT_MAX memory when much more is available.

Is there a compelling reason to not change the structure's definition
over to longs instead of ints and deal with the fallout from that change?

Robin Holt

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