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    SubjectLinux 2.6.33-rc3

    It's been quiet due to the holidays, so -rc3 is reasonably small despite
    being a few days over the normal one-week mark. And most of the changes
    are pretty trivial, although both ext4 and reiserfs had some trouble in
    -rc2, hopefully all fixed now.

    The bulk of the patches are some SH defconfig updates (40%), but ignoring
    those we have the normal "half drivers, half everything else" pattern. On
    the driver front, the perhaps most notable change is not so much a code
    change, but the small change of marking the "new" firewire stack as being
    the recommended one.

    Wireless drivers, regular network drivers, filesystems, input layer..

    And here's to hoping one reason it's been quiet is that it's actually been
    fairly stable. Give it a try,


    Alan Cox (2):
    i2o: propogate the BKL down into the ioctl method
    tosh: Use non bkl ioctl

    Alexander Duyck (4):
    igb: do not force pcs link when in KX mode
    igb: do not force retry count to 1 on 82580 phy
    igb: correctly offset 82575 flow control watermarks by 16 bytes
    igb: check both function bits in status register in wol exception

    Alexander Graf (1):
    KVM: powerpc: Fix mtsrin in book3s_64 mmu

    Andrew Morton (3):
    aoe: switch to the new bio_flush_dcache_pages() interface
    ext4: fix unsigned long long printk warning in super.c
    jbd2: don't use __GFP_NOFAIL in journal_init_common()

    Andrey Borzenkov (1):
    orinoco: fix GFP_KERNEL in orinoco_set_key with interrupts disabled

    Aneesh Kumar K.V (1):
    ext4: Ensure zeroout blocks have no dirty metadata

    Anton Vorontsov (3):
    ucc_geth: Fix empty TX queue processing
    ucc_geth: Fix netdev watchdog triggering on link changes
    ucc_geth: Don't needlessly change MAC settings in adjust_link()

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (3):
    perf diff: Fix usage array, it must end with a NULL entry
    perf record: We should fork only if a program was specified to run
    perf tools: Add missing header files to LIB_H Makefile variable

    Arnaud Patard (2):
    ARM: S3C24XX: touchscreen device definition
    ARM: S3C24XX: touchscreen device definition

    Ben Dooks (3):
    ARM: mach-osiris: add NAND_SCAN_SILENT_NODEV to optional devices
    ARM: mach-bast: add NAND_SCAN_SILENT_NODEV to optional devices
    ARM: S3C: Fix NAND device registration by s3c_nand_set_platdata().

    Ben Hutchings (3):
    sfc: Include XGXS in XMAC link status check except in XGMII loopback
    sfc: QT2025C: Add error message for suspected bad SFP+ cables
    sfc: Disable TX descriptor prefetch watchdog

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (2):
    PCI/cardbus: Add a fixup hook and fix powerpc
    ps3_gelic_wireless: Fix build failure due to missing WEXT_PRIV

    Benoit Papillault (1):
    ath9k: Last fix for TX software padding.

    Bob Copeland (1):
    ath5k: fix SWI calibration interrupt storm

    Carlos Corbacho (1):
    ACPI: WMI: Survive BIOS with duplicate GUIDs

    Clemens Ladisch (1):
    firewire: fix use of multiple AV/C devices, allow multiple FCP listeners

    Csaba Henk (1):
    PCI: Handle case when no pci device can provide cache line size hint

    Daisuke HATAYAMA (1):
    binfmt_elf_fdpic: Fix build breakage introduced by coredump changes.

    Dan Carpenter (2):
    bond_3ad.c avoid possible null deref
    wl1271_cmd.c: cleanup char => u8

    Dan Williams (4):
    ioat3: fix p-disabled q-continuation
    async_tx: expand async raid6 test to cover ioatdma corner case
    ioat2,3: put channel hardware in known state at init
    md: make recovery started by do_md_run() visible via sync_action

    Daniel Drake (1):
    Fix MAC address access in 3c507, ibmlana, pcnet32 and libertas

    Daniel Mack (1):
    Libertas: fix buffer overflow in lbs_get_essid()

    David Howells (1):
    ext4: Don't ask about supporting ext2/3 in ext4 if ext4 is not configured

    David S. Miller (3):
    bbc_envctrl: Clean up properly if kthread_run() fails.
    sparc64: Fix NMI programming when perf events are active.
    sparc64: Fix Niagara2 perf event handling.

    Denis Kirjanov (1):
    vxge: use DMA_BIT_MASK instead of plain values.

    Detlef Riekenberg (1):
    vgaarbiter: fix a typo in the vgaarbiter Documentation

    Dexuan Cui (3):
    PCI: support device-specific reset methods
    PCI: add Intel USB specific reset method
    PCI: add Intel 82599 Virtual Function specific reset method

    Dmitry Torokhov (8):
    Input: speed up suspend/shutdown for PS/2 mice and keyboards
    Input: serio - do not mark kseriod freezable anymore
    Input: ff-memless - another fix for signed to unsigned overflow
    Input: iforce - fix oops on device disconnect
    Input: matrix-keypad - handle cases when GPIOs can't be wakeup sources
    Input: lifebook - add CONFIG_DMI dependency
    dell-wmi - fix condition to abort driver loading
    Input: iforce - wait for command completion when closing the device

    Don Skidmore (1):
    ixgbe: fix Need to call pci_save_state after pci_restore_state

    Emese Revfy (1):
    drbd: Constify struct file_operations

    Eric Sandeen (2):
    fs-writeback: Add helper function to start writeback if idle
    ext4: flush delalloc blocks when space is low

    Eric W. Biederman (1):
    sysfs: Add lockdep annotations for the sysfs active reference

    FUJITA Tomonori (2):
    block: remove Documentation/block/as-iosched.txt
    x86/agp: Fix agp_amd64_init() initialization with CONFIG_GART_IOMMU enabled

    Fang Wenqi (1):
    ext4: Update documentation to correct the inode_readahead_blks option name

    Felipe Balbi (2):
    Input: twl4030_keypad - switch to using threaded IRQ
    Input: twl4030-pwrbutton - switch to using threaded IRQ

    Felix Fietkau (2):
    mac80211: fix ibss join with fixed-bssid
    ath9k: fix missed error codes in the tx status check

    Frederic Weisbecker (14):
    reiserfs: Fix possible recursive lock
    reiserfs: Fix reiserfs lock and journal lock inversion dependency
    reiserfs: Fix reiserfs lock <-> inode mutex dependency inversion
    reiserfs: Fix remaining in-reclaim-fs <-> reclaim-fs-on locking inversion
    perf: Pass appropriate frame pointer to dump_trace()
    reiserfs: Fix reiserfs lock <-> i_xattr_sem dependency inversion
    reiserfs: Warn on lock relax if taken recursively
    reiserfs: Fix reiserfs lock <-> i_mutex dependency inversion on xattr
    reiserfs: Relax reiserfs lock while freeing the journal
    reiserfs: Relax lock before open xattr dir in reiserfs_xattr_set_handle()
    reiserfs: Fix unwanted recursive reiserfs lock in reiserfs_unlink()
    reiserfs: Fix journal mutex <-> inode mutex lock inversion
    reiserfs: Safely acquire i_mutex from reiserfs_for_each_xattr
    reiserfs: Safely acquire i_mutex from xattr_rmdir

    Gertjan van Wingerde (5):
    rt2x00: Fix rt2800usb detection in rt2800lib.
    mac80211: Add define for TX headroom reserved by mac80211 itself.
    rt2x00: Disable powersaving for rt61pci and rt2800pci.
    rt2x00: Fix calculation of rt2800 iveiv entry offset.
    rt2x00: Add USB ID for Linksys WUSB 600N rev 2.

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (3):
    sh: fix DMA driver's descriptor chaining and cookie assignment
    ASoC: fix params_rate() macro use in several codecs
    ALSA: Fix indentation in pcm_native.c

    Gui Jianfeng (1):
    block: blk_rq_err_sectors cleanup

    H Hartley Sweeten (3):
    drivers/block/mg_disk.c: use resource_size()
    Documentation: fix ioremap return type
    DocBook: fix ioremap return type

    H. Peter Anvin (1):
    x86, compress: Force i386 instructions for the decompressor

    Heiko Carstens (2):
    KVM: get rid of kvm_create_vm() unused label warning on s390
    kprobes: Fix distinct type warning

    Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (5):
    thinkpad-acpi: don't take the first ALSA slot by default
    thinkpad-acpi: don't fail to load the entire module due to ALSA problems
    thinkpad-acpi: make volume subdriver optional
    thinkpad-acpi: update volume subdriver documentation
    thinkpad-acpi: improve Kconfig help text

    Herbert Xu (1):
    hwrng: core - Fix double unlock in rng_dev_read

    Huang Weiyi (3):
    ext4: remove unused #include <linux/version.h>
    drbd: remove duplicated #include
    drbd: remove unused #include <linux/version.h>

    Hugh Dickins (1):
    mm: move sys_mmap_pgoff from util.c

    Ingo Molnar (2):
    ACPI: fix ACPI=n allmodconfig build
    dma-debug: Fix bug causing build warning

    Jamal Hadi Salim (1):
    net: restore ip source validation

    James Bottomley (1):
    libsrp: fix compile failure

    Jan Glauber (1):
    [S390] qdio: convert global statistics to per-device stats

    Jan Kiszka (1):
    KVM: x86: Extend KVM_SET_VCPU_EVENTS with selective updates

    Jarek Poplawski (1):
    net/via-rhine: Fix scheduling while atomic bugs

    Jari Vanhala (2):
    Input: ff-memless - start playing FF effects immediately
    Input: ff-memless - add notion of direction to for rumble effects

    Jaswinder Singh Rajput (1):
    writeback: add missing kernel-doc notation

    Jeff Layton (1):
    cifs: NULL out tcon, pSesInfo, and srvTcp pointers when chasing DFS referrals

    Jiri Slaby (4):
    PCI: fix section mismatch on update_res()
    SECURITY: selinux, fix update_rlimit_cpu parameter
    resource: move kernel function inside __KERNEL__
    resource: add helpers for fetching rlimits

    Jiro SEKIBA (1):
    nilfs2: trivial coding style fix

    Joerg Roedel (1):
    x86/amd-iommu: Fix initialization failure panic

    Johannes Berg (7):
    iwlwifi: fix EEPROM/OTP reading endian annotations and a bug
    iwlwifi: fix more eeprom endian bugs
    mac80211: fix peer HT capabilities
    mac80211: fix WMM AP settings application
    wireless: remove remaining qual code
    cfg80211: fix race between deauth and assoc response
    cfg80211: fix error path in cfg80211_wext_siwscan

    John Fastabend (1):
    pktgen: ndo_start_xmit can return NET_XMIT_xxx values

    John Kacur (1):
    sony_pi: Remove the BKL from open and ioctl

    John W. Linville (1):
    Revert "b43: Enforce DMA descriptor memory constraints"

    Julia Lawall (5):
    drivers/net/wireless: Correct code taking the size of a pointer
    drivers/block/DAC960.c: use DAC960_V2_Controller
    drivers/dma: drop unnecesary memset
    drivers/dma: Correct use after free
    ext4: Eliminate potential double free on error path

    Kuninori Morimoto (1):
    ASoC: fsi-ak4642: Remove ak4642_add_i2c_device

    Kusanagi Kouichi (1):
    Documentation: Rename Documentation/DMA-mapping.txt

    Lai Jiangshan (3):
    tracing/kprobe: Show sign of fields in trace_kprobe format files
    tracing/syscalls: Fix typo in SYSCALL_DEFINE0
    tracing: Fix sign fields in ftrace_define_fields_##call()

    Len Brown (4):
    dell-wmi: sys_init_module: 'dell_wmi'->init suspiciously returned 21, it should follow 0/-E convention
    ACPI: hp-wmi, msi-wmi: clarify that wmi_install_notify_handler() returns an acpi_status
    dell-wmi, hp-wmi, msi-wmi: check wmi_get_event_data() return value
    dell-wmi: sys_init_module: 'dell_wmi'->init suspiciously returned 21, it should follow 0/-E convention

    Li Zefan (4):
    ksym_tracer: Fix to make the tracer work
    ksym_tracer: Fix to allow writing newline to ksym_trace_filter
    ksym_tracer: Fix race when incrementing count
    ksym_tracer: Remove trace_stat

    Linus Torvalds (3):
    pci: avoid compiler warning in quirks.c
    twl4030-irq.c: fix compiler warning due to raw-spinlock conversion
    Linux 2.6.33-rc3

    Luis R. Rodriguez (4):
    ath9k: wake hardware for interface IBSS/AP/Mesh removal
    ath9k: wake hardware during AMPDU TX actions
    mac80211: fix race with suspend and dynamic_ps_disable_work
    mac80211: fix propagation of failed hardware reconfigurations

    Manuel Lauss (1):
    ASoC: fixup oops in generic AC97 codec glue

    Marcelo Tosatti (2):
    KVM: MMU: remove prefault from invlpg handler
    KVM: LAPIC: make sure IRR bitmap is scanned after vm load

    Martin K. Petersen (2):
    block: Fix topology stacking for data and discard alignment
    block: Fix incorrect alignment offset reporting and update documentation

    Martin Schwidefsky (1):
    [S390] Update default configuration.

    Masami Hiramatsu (1):
    x86: Fix objdump version check in chkobjdump.awk for different formats.

    Masanari Iida (1):
    ALSA: Fix a typo in Procfile.txt

    Matthew Slattery (3):
    sfc: QT2025C: Work around PHY bug
    sfc: QT2025C: Switch into self-configure mode when not in loopback
    sfc: QT2025C: Work around PHY firmware initialisation bug

    Michael Chan (1):
    bnx2x: Initialize cnic status block during chip reset

    Mike Travis (2):
    x86: SGI UV: Fix writes to led registers on remote uv hubs
    x86_64 SGI UV: Fix writes to led registers on remote uv hubs.

    Neil Turton (1):
    sfc: Fix DMA mapping cleanup in case of an error in TSO

    NeilBrown (4):
    md: Fix unfortunate interaction with evms
    md: fix small irregularity with start_ro module parameter
    md: remove unnecessary code from do_md_run
    md: allow a resync that is waiting for other resync to complete, to be aborted.

    Nicolas Ferre (1):
    dma: at_hdmac: correct incompatible type for argument 1 of 'spin_lock_bh'

    OGAWA Hirofumi (1):
    block: Honor the gfp_mask for alloc_page() in blkdev_issue_discard()

    Paul Mundt (4):
    sh: Only provide a PCLK definition for legacy CPG CPUs.
    sh: Disable PMB for SH4AL-DSP CPUs.
    sh: Don't default enable PMB support.
    sh: update defconfigs.

    Paul Rolland (2):
    wmi: check find_guid() return value to prevent oops
    wmi: check find_guid() return value to prevent oops

    Pekka Enberg (3):
    x86: Use KERN_DEFAULT log-level in __show_regs()
    x86, kmemcheck: Use KERN_WARNING for error reporting
    SLAB: Fix lockdep annotation breakage

    Peter Huewe (1):
    ALSA: sound/arm: Fix build failure caused by missing struct aaci definition

    Peter Zijlstra (1):
    perf: Fix NULL deref in inheritance code

    Rafael J. Wysocki (2):
    PCI/PM: Propagate wake-up enable for PCIe devices too
    PCI: Fix build if quirks are not enabled

    Rakib Mullick (1):
    Input: wistron - fix test for CONFIG_PM

    Ralf Baechle (1):
    NET: XFRM: Fix spelling of neighbour.

    Randy Dunlap (4):
    Documentation: Update mmiotrace.txt
    Documentation: Update tracepoint-analysis.txt
    Documentation: Update ftrace-design.txt
    tracing: Kconfig spelling fixes and cleanups

    Reinette Chatre (4):
    iwlwifi: power up all devices for EEPROM read
    iwl3945: disable power save
    iwlwifi: initialize spinlock before use
    iwlwifi: fix 40MHz operation setting on cards that do not allow it

    René Bolldorf (1):
    Input: psmouse - fix compile warning in hgpk module

    Richard Kennedy (1):
    ext4: return correct wbc.nr_to_write in ext4_da_writepages

    Robert P. J. Day (1):
    [S390] Have param.h simply include <asm-generic/param.h>.

    Roel Kluin (4):
    drbd: fix test of unsigned in _drbd_fault_random()
    drbd: Fix test of unsigned in _drbd_fault_random()
    iwmc3200wifi: Fix test of unsigned in iwm_ntf_stop_resume_tx()
    wl1251: timeout one too soon in wl1251_boot_run_firmware()

    Rolf Eike Beer (1):
    kfifo: Fix typo in comment

    Rusty Russell (2):
    lguest: fix bug in setting guest GDT entry
    Revert "x86: Side-step lguest problem by only building cmpxchg8b_emu for pre-Pentium"

    Ryusuke Konishi (1):
    nilfs2: update mailing list address

    Samuel Ortiz (1):
    libertas: Remove carrier signaling from the scan code

    Sandeep Gopalpet (1):
    gianfar: Fix gianfar select_queue bogosity

    Sarveshwar Bandi (3):
    be2net: Bug fix to avoid soft lockup in loopback test.
    be2net: Bug fix to config NIC appropriately before loopback test
    be2net: Bug fix to return correct values in ethtool get_settings.

    Serge E. Hallyn (1):
    generic_permission: MAY_OPEN is not write access

    Shaohua Li (1):
    cfq-iosched: don't regard requests with long distance as close

    Shaun Ruffell (1):
    dma-debug: Do not add notifier when dma debugging is disabled.

    Sheng Yang (1):
    KVM: Fix possible circular locking in kvm_vm_ioctl_assign_device()

    Stefan Assmann (2):
    PCI: change PCI nomenclature in drivers/pci/ (comment changes)
    PCI: change PCI nomenclature in drivers/pci/ (non-comment changes)

    Stefan Richter (4):
    firewire: cdev: fix another memory leak in an error path
    firewire: ohci: always use packet-per-buffer mode for isochronous reception
    firewire, ieee1394: update MAINTAINERS entries
    firewire, ieee1394: update Kconfig help

    Steve French (1):
    [CIFS] Enable mmap on forcedirectio mounts

    Steve Hodgson (1):
    sfc: Move PHY software state initialisation from init() into probe()

    Steven Rostedt (1):
    tracing: Fix setting tracer specific options

    Sujith (4):
    ath9k: Fix bug in assigning sequence number
    ath9k: Fix TX queue draining
    ath9k: Stop ANI when doing a reset
    ath9k: fix suspend by waking device prior to stop

    Surbhi Palande (1):
    ext4: replace BUG() with return -EIO in ext4_ext_get_blocks

    Takashi Iwai (4):
    ALSA: hda - Disable tigger at pin-sensing on AD codecs
    ALSA: hda - use snd_hda_jack_detect() again in patch_sigmatel.c
    ALSA: hda - Don't cache beep controls
    ALSA: hda - Fix Oops at reloading beep devices

    Tao Ma (1):
    ocfs2: Handle O_DIRECT when writing to a refcounted cluster.

    Theodore Ts'o (5):
    ext4: add module aliases for ext2 and ext3
    ext4, jbd2: Add barriers for file systems with exernal journals
    ext4: Patch up how we claim metadata blocks for quota purposes
    ext4: Fix accounting of reserved metadata blocks
    ext4: Calculate metadata requirements more accurately

    Tim Blechmann (1):
    perf: Rename perf_event_hw_event in design document

    Tobias Klauser (3):
    nilfs2: Storage class should be before const qualifier
    ath9k: Storage class should be before const qualifier
    iwlwifi: Storage class should be before const qualifier

    Tony Luck (1):
    KVM: ia64: fix build breakage due to host spinlock change

    Vitaliy Gusev (1):
    tun: use tun_sk instead container_of

    Vivek Goyal (3):
    cfq-iosched: Remove the check for same cfq group from allow_merge
    cfq-iosched: Get rid of nr_groups
    cfq-iosched: Remove prio_change logic for workload selection

    Wenji Huang (1):
    perf kmem: Fix statistics typo

    Wey-Yi Guy (1):
    iwlwifi: fix syslog message for event log dump size

    Williams, Mitch A (1):
    igbvf: Make igbvf error message more informative

    Wu Fengguang (1):
    ALSA: hda - HDMI sticky stream tag support

    Zhang Rui (3):
    ACPI video: no warning message if "acpi_backlight=vendor" is used
    ACPI video: correct error-handling code
    ACPI: introduce kernel parameter acpi_sleep=sci_force_enable

    Zhu Yi (3):
    iwlwifi: allocated rx page accounting cleanup
    iwl3945: fix panic in iwl3945 driver
    iwmc3200wifi: fix array out-of-boundary access (1):
    drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl-tx.c: fix gcc-3.4.5 warning
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