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    Subject[RFC v5 PATCH 0/8] CFS Hard limits - v5

    This is the v5 post of CFS hard limits. In this patchset, I have
    pulled out bandwidth and runtime handling code from RT into sched.c
    so that the same code can be used by CFS hard limits.

    Also I have addressed the review comments given by Peter Zijlstra for v4.

    RFC v5:
    - Make RT bandwidth and runtime handing code generic and use it in CFS also.
    - Remove the *_locked() version from sched_fair.c by simplifying the locking.
    This fixes the unlock imbalance bug seen by Jarek Dylag who observed it while
    using CFS hard limits with Linux vserver.

    RFC v4:
    - Reclaim runtimes lent to other cpus when a cpu goes
    offline. (Kamalesh Babulal)
    - Fixed a few bugs.
    - Some cleanups.

    RFC v3:
    - Till v2, I was updating rq->nr_running when tasks go and come back on
    runqueue during throttling and unthrottling. Don't do this.
    - With the above change, quite a bit of code simplification is achieved.
    Runtime related fields of cfs_rq are now being protected by per cfs_rq
    lock instead of per rq lock. With this it looks more similar to rt.
    - Remove the control file cpu.cfs_hard_limit which enabled/disabled hard limits
    for groups. Now hard limits is enabled by having a non-zero runtime.
    - Don't explicitly prevent movement of tasks into throttled groups during
    load balancing as throttled entities are anyway prevented from being
    enqueued in enqueue_task_fair().
    - Moved to 2.6.32-rc6

    RFC v2:
    - Upgraded to 2.6.31.
    - Added CFS runtime borrowing.
    - New locking scheme
    The hard limit specific fields of cfs_rq (cfs_runtime, cfs_time and
    cfs_throttled) were being protected by rq->lock. This simple scheme will
    not work when runtime rebalancing is introduced where it will be required
    to look at these fields on other CPU's which requires us to acquire
    rq->lock of other CPUs. This will not be feasible from update_curr().
    Hence introduce a separate lock (rq->runtime_lock) to protect these
    fields of all cfs_rq under it.
    - Handle the task wakeup in a throttled group correctly.
    - Make CFS_HARD_LIMITS dependent on CGROUP_SCHED (Thanks to Andrea Righi)

    RFC v1:
    - First version of the patches with minimal features was posted at

    RFC v0:
    - The CFS hard limits proposal was first posted at

    Patches description
    This post has the following patches:

    1/8 sched: Rename struct rt_bandwidth to sched_bandwidth
    2/8 sched: Make rt bandwidth timer and runtime related code generic
    3/8 sched: Bandwidth initialization for fair task groups
    4/8 sched: Enforce hard limits by throttling
    5/8 sched: Unthrottle the throttled tasks
    6/8 sched: Add throttle time statistics to /proc/sched_debug
    7/8 sched: CFS runtime borrowing
    8/8 sched: Hard limits documentation

    Documentation/scheduler/sched-cfs-hard-limits.txt | 48 +
    include/linux/sched.h | 6
    init/Kconfig | 13
    kernel/sched.c | 591 +++++++++++++++++---
    kernel/sched_debug.c | 23
    kernel/sched_fair.c | 354 +++++++++++
    kernel/sched_rt.c | 268 +--------
    7 files changed, 964 insertions(+), 339 deletions(-)


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