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    SubjectRE: [PATCH] drivers/net/stmmac/gmac.c: use %pM to show MAC address
    On Tuesday, January 05, 2010 1:03 AM, Giuseppe CAVALLARO wrote:
    > Hi Hartley,


    > H Hartley Sweeten wrote:
    >> Use the %pM kernel extension to display the MAC address.
    > Thanks for this patch.
    > As discussed in the mailing list, I'm reworking some patches for the
    > stmmac driver (fixing compilation errors and trying to make the code
    > more generic).
    > I've already modified the gmac.c file now splitted in new two files.
    > So I'm wondering if it's worth applying this patch into the new code,
    > directly.

    Feel free to apply this with your new code.

    I am resubmitting a number of the %pM patches to David and will drop
    this one for now. If you don't get a chance to submit the updated
    gmac.c soon please let me know and I will repost this patch.


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