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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] oom-kill: add lowmem usage aware oom kill handling
> > Ultimately it is policy. The kernel simply can't read minds.
> >
> If so, all heuristics other than vm_size should be purged, I think.
> ...Or victim should be just determined by the class of application
> user sets. oom_adj other than OOM_DISABLE, searching victim process
> by black magic are all garbage.

oom_adj by value makes sense as do some of the basic heuristics - but a
lot of the complexity I would agree is completely nonsensical.

There are folks who use oom_adj weightings to influence things (notably
embedded and desktop). The embedded world would actually benefit on the
whole if the oom_adj was an absolute value because they usually know
precisely what they want to die and in what order.


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