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    SubjectRe: request for assistance: accessing ttys from kernel space
    > Is there another way to set up a line discipline from the kernel itself
    > without the need from userland intervention, even before any / is
    > mounted?

    There is no fundamental reason you can't do that once the tty object
    itself exists. Currently there is no path for doing it in the kernel.

    > Maybe the early serial console support layer could be extended a bit so
    > speakup can use it first during the boot? For now it's quite tied to
    > just printing the printk logs. drivers/accessibility/braille_console.c
    > does manage do make something else, but it happens that the
    > serial_core.c's uart_console_write puts additional \rs before \ns, which
    > can be a problem.
    > Also, for proper speech flow, speakup would need to be able to read
    > characters from the device.

    Some debugger folk want that too.

    I've been trying to get to the point where each tty consists of a
    tty_struct which is the instance of an opened tty device, and a tty_port
    which is a common struct instance for each physical port. That then has
    some operations attached to it.

    However at the moment most of the operation paths are not pushed into
    tty_port, not every device yet has a tty_port and many of the paths that
    need pushing into tty_port reference material that is in struct tty but
    probably also needs moving.

    So there is an awful lot of work to be done.

    I guess the quick 'get it working' hack for the moment would be to add a
    'raw' flag to the console output routines and use those (where raw=1
    would mean 'don't tamper with the formatting')


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