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SubjectRe: [uClinux-dev] [PATCH] Valid relocation symbol for FLAT format on ARM, v2
Jun Sun wrote:
> +/* [jsun] new gcc 4.x generates ANCHOR symbols in order to reduce the size
> + * of GOT table for PIC code. It is possible the ANCHOR is placed beyond
> + * the end of data/bss segment up to 4K bytes(12 bits), because ARM allows
> + * negative 12-bit offset. Thus we allow 0x1000 extra in reloc address range.
> + */

Can you provide a small test program and *exact* GCC version and
Binutils version which triggers this? People have reported using GCC
4.x on ARM uClinux for some time, and I haven't seen complaints
about this problem before.

-- Jamie

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