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SubjectRe: Changelog quality (was Re: [PATCH] uwb: make USB device id constant)
> When you write a changelog, keep your audience in mind:
> - Developers, distributors, advanced users want to learn what a new
> release brings. (OK, this audience stops reading after the initial
> headline of a "make XYZ table constant" commit. Which just means
> that all the rest of the changelog is fluff that can be omitted.)
> - Developers, maintainers etc. want to understand years later why the
> code is how it is. (For them, a commit like that is sufficiently
> described by the headline as well.)

Not surprisingly, I don't agree about this one. I recall a series of
patches that said something like "used a script to change down/up to
mutexes". The script wasn't included, not all down/ups were changed to
mutexes, and in short there was no understandable trace of why the change
was made where it was. Perhaps that is a pathological example, but it is
not necessarily obvious in advance what needs precise documentation and
what does not.


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