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    SubjectRe: sched regression introduced by NO_NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS
    On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 9:47 PM, drago01 <> wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Chuck has backported some scheduler patches from 2.6.32 to the fedora kernel.
    > I did the following test to test the new scheduler (cpu is a core i7
    > 920 4 cores + HT).
    > run 8 "md5sum /dev/urandom" task and try to use the desktop (compiz).
    > The result was that moving windows or rotating the cube is very slow.
    > (same happens with pure metacity but is is worse in compiz).
    > Mounting debugfs and doing "echo NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS > sched_features"
    > results into a useable desktop while the 8 md5sum tasks are running
    > (ie. the system behaves as if they where not running at all from an
    > interactivity pov).
    > P.S: please CC me when replying.

    With "NEW_FAIR_SLEEPERS" I can even run 100(!) "md5sum" task without
    any effect on interactivity. (still have not found a number of tasks
    needed to make the system unresponsive as with 8 with

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