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SubjectRe: mailing list for trace users

* David Miller <> wrote:

> From: Ingo Molnar <>
> Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 13:47:25 +0200
> > Could you please also create the linux-perf-users list, for perf
> > events and the perf tool related user questions? (We have asked for
> > this before but must have gotten lost somewhere)
> I think your communities are similar enough and small enough that you
> could share this list.

It's two separate subsystems. There's a lot of non-tracing aspects of
performance events: it does profiling, counting, latency analysis, etc.
The tool is named 'perf', the subsystem is named 'performance events',
and the most typical workflows dont do any tracing.

And i beg to differ about the size of the communities. It's just been
added upstream...

Also, what is the policy for adding new lists to If a
subsystem maintainer asks for a list named after a core kernel
subsystem, how frequently is it rejected, and on what basis?

I find it sad that such an arbitrary looking negative decision from you
forces a user list away from vger. I wouldnt mind it to be closed if it
has no significant traffic after a year or lifetime or so - many vger
lists have almost no traffic to begin with.

Also, i cannot help but to observe the fact that you've fought the
original perfcounters project in a very ugly and public way less than a
year ago. Dont you think that you 'deciding' this matter in such a
negative fashion is a conflict of interest?


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