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SubjectRe: PATCH: ARCH in builddeb
On Sunday 20 September 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> So, somehow dpkg is able to do the right thing based on what is set for
> gcc (I expect from the CROSS_COMPILE option), but not if that gets
> overruled as both your patches seem to be doing.

Actually, I think the correct way to build a linux kernel for i386 on an
amd64 [1] system is to use 'linux32 make deb-pkg' [2]. With that no
changes to the kernel build system should be needed at all, and I think
with that you even should not need to set the ARCH variable.

It should also be possible to build a 64-bit kernel for i386 on amd64 that
way using 'linux32 make ARCH=x86_64 deb-pkg'.

Untested, but AFAIK that should work. Sorry for not mentioning it earlier,
but it's a command I've never really used myself and I keep forgetting
about it :-/


[1] amd64 as in the Debian architecture, which also covers Intel 64-bit
[2] linux32 is in until-linux package and thus guaranteed to be available

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