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    SubjectRe: fixing "pci=use_crs"
    On Saturday 19 September 2009 11:08:02 am Larry Finger wrote:
    > Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
    > > It looks like you have an HP box -- what exactly is it and
    > > what BIOS version do you have? Maybe I can borrow one to play
    > > with myself so I don't have to bug you as much.
    > It is an HP dv2815nr. The BIOS is F.21. I understand that debugging
    > is much easier when you have the machine in hand, but I don't mind
    > providing information.
    > ...
    > Do you want me to boot with "pci=use_crs"?

    That'd be great. HP's bureaucracy makes it hard for me to borrow
    machines. If you could also turn on CONFIG_PNP_DEBUG_MESSAGES
    and boot with "pnp.debug", we should get some clues about what _CRS
    returns for all the ACPI devices. Just attach the resulting dmesg
    to the bugzilla (


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