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SubjectRe: Status of Bug 8094 - ipaq oops on connecting "Vodafone VPA-II" ?
Arjan van de Ven schrieb:
> On Sun, 20 Sep 2009 18:28:15 +0200
> Tilman Schmidt <> wrote:
>> Greg KH schrieb:
>>> Can you provide a log message that shows the problem you are having
>>> with the 2.6.31 kernel?
>> Attached. Currently only from an Nvidia-tainted kernel, though.
>> If you need it reproduced on an untainted kernel it'll have to
>> wait until I can reboot the machine.
>> The Oops location according to gdb is:
>> (gdb) info line *ipaq_open+0x1cf
>> Line 656 of "drivers/usb/serial/ipaq.c" starts at address 0x986
>> <ipaq_open+457> and ends at 0x98f <ipaq_open+466>.
> btw this is what scripts/ is for... it gives a very nice
> diagnostic

Unfortunately that script doesn't work on my machine:

ts@xenon:~/kernel/linux-2.6.31-work> ./scripts/ < /tmp/mdabug.txt
No vmlinux specified, assuming /lib/modules/2.6.31-vanilla/build/vmlinux
Can't locate object method "from_hex" via package "Math::BigInt" at ./scripts/ line 176, <STDIN> line 98.

And as it's openSUSE based I can't simply update my Perl packages
from CPAN. But I can live with the gdb method.


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Bonn, Germany
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