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SubjectRE: [spi-devel-general] [PATCH 1/2] spi: new SPI bus lock/unlockfunctions
On Thursday, September 17, 2009 3:54 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
>> I assume the spi master driver must supply the {lock/unlock}_bus methods
>> to properly support the locking.
> currently, yes. a common solution would be nice. ideas/patches welcome ;).
>> But, by returning 0 when the methods
>> are not supplied you are basically saying all the current master drivers
>> in mainline support bus locking.  I think this is really only "true" if
>> spi->master->num_chipselect == 1.
> right, but that is no different from what we have today. there is no
> way for a client to guarantee exclusive access, so you cant write code
> assuming it in the first place. the only consumer thus far (mmc_spi)
> actually errors out if such conditions exist.
> in other words, we arent breaking anything.

Actually you are breaking the mmc_spi driver.

By returning 0 when the methods are not supplied you are saying that the
master driver supports and locked the bus. At a minimum, I think spi_lock_bus()
should return an error code if locking is not supported.

Also, as Andrew Morton pointed out, calling spi_unlock_bus() without having
a valid lock by calling spi_lock_bus() is a bug.

In addition your patch to mmc_spi should check the return code from
spi_lock_bus(). If the driver "requires" that the bus be locked it should
trigger an error path if it cannot be locked.

>> Also, do you have a master driver that does have the {lock/unlock}_bus
>> methods?  I would like to see how you handled it.

Oiy... The lock/unlock functions are simple enough but the change needed
to bfin_spi_pump_messages() is a bit complicated.

What happens to next_msg if it is for other devices on the bus?

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