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SubjectRe: alloc skb based on a given data buffer
From: Zhu Yi <>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 16:30:20 +0800

> This way, device drivers can allocate the Rx buffers with their own size
> and alignment requirement. i.e. do an order-1 page allocation directly
> with free_pages() in the iwlagn driver for a 256 bytes aligned 8K Rx
> buffer. After DMA is finished, drivers can use the above function to
> assemble an skb based on the Rx buffer. It should resolve the problem
> for requiring an order-2 allocation by alloc_skb() in the first place.

You can create paged RX skbs just like drivers such as niu.c
and others already do, there is no need for special APIs for

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