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Subject[ANNOUNCE] 2.6.31-rt10
We are pleased to announce the next update to our new preempt-rt

- update to 2.6.31

- timekeeping 32bit overflow fix

- rt locking fix for rw_locks and rwsems. Solves a kvm crash

- kvm might sleep warning fix

- remove empty cpumask warning in x86(32bit) IPI code

- tracer fixes - picked from mainline

- perf counter fix - picked from mainline

Known issues:
- ARM highmem
- scheduler load balancing oddities. Peter is working on it.
- timer_interrupt hang check (fix queued for .31-rt11)

Pending updates:
- I'm planning to add back MIPS support in the .31-rt11 release.

Download locations:

Git release branch:
git:// rt/2.6.31

Git development branch:
git:// rt/head


Information on the RT patch can be found at:

to build the 2.6.31-rt10 tree, the following patches should be

Enjoy !


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