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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arm: remove unused code in delay.S

> The minority that would make use of this code is theoretical, and
> these users by definition know they need this code, therefore, if the
> code is not there, they'll notice,

I'm not sure everyone knows in advance what is going on. I imagine the case
where something is inadeqaute, one starts looking at the code and _after_
reading the #if 0-block, understands the problem and realizes that the block is
needed in this rare case. So, it's like some kind of documentation. This is why
I'd still favour the comment; if there is a chance for such a patch, I'd make
it BTW.

> If it turns out nobody complains about removing this code you would
> have made the linux kernel 16 lines cleaner for free.

I'd think we lose a bit of information. (Yeah, it is in the history, but harder
to find there.)

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