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SubjectRe: [tip:core/urgent] futex: Update woken requeued futex_q lock_ptr
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * tip-bot for Darren Hart <> wrote:
>> @@ -1030,6 +1034,11 @@ void requeue_pi_wake_futex(struct futex_q *q, union futex_key *key)
>> WARN_ON(!q->rt_waiter);
>> q->rt_waiter = NULL;
>> + q->lock_ptr = &hb->lock;
>> + q->list.plist.slock = &hb->lock;
>> +#endif
>> +
>> wake_up_state(q->task, TASK_NORMAL);
>> }
> -tip testing found a build error with v2 of the patch:
> kernel/futex.c: In function ‘requeue_pi_wake_futex’:
> kernel/futex.c:1039: error: ‘struct plist_head’ has no member named ‘slock’


I'm finding myself confused by the tip branches. I was going to prepare
you a "mainline" version of this patch, but tip/core-for-linus-2 doesn't
have the original requeue_pi support in futex.c, while tag v2.6.31-rc5
does have that support.

I'll prepare a patch against v2.6.31-rc5, but can you explain how you
would prefer for people to send patches that are needed in both mainline
and rt, but have slightly different implementations?

Darren Hart
IBM Linux Technology Center
Real-Time Linux Team
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