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    SubjectRe: [RT] Lockdep warning on boot with 2.6.31-rc5-rt1.1
    2009/8/8 Alan Stern <>:
    > On Fri, 7 Aug 2009, Peter Zijlstra wrote:

    >> It used to be that _all_ dev->sem instances were taken on suspend or
    >> something like that, I think that got fixed a long while back.
    >> I'd have to look at what the current locking requirements for dev->sem
    >> are.
    > It is supposed to be locked whenever the driver core invokes a probe,
    > remove, or PM-related callback.  Under some circumstances, the parent's
    > semaphore is supposed to be locked as well.  Individual subsystems may
    > have their own requirements in addition to these.
    > The ordering requirement is: Don't try to acquire a device's lock if
    > you already hold the lock for a non-ancestor device.  More generally
    > (if more obscurely): If you already hold device A's lock, then don't
    > try to acquire the lock for device B unless you already hold the lock
    > for A & B's most recent common ancestor.

    It seems that the following case is very common, and A and B have no
    common ancestor, but we can hold device A and B's lock at the same
    time, can't we?


    device A comes in one bus:
    ->device_attach():drivers/base/dd.c /*holding device A's lock*/
    ->...drv->probe() /*sleep here some time*/

    then device B comes in another bus:
    ->device_attach():drivers/base/dd.c /*holding device B's lock*/
    ->...drv->probe() /*sleep here some time*/

    Lei Ming
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