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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] AlacrityVM guest drivers
Anthony Liguori wrote:
> Gregory Haskins wrote:
>> That said, note that the graphs were from earlier kernel runs (2.6.28,
>> 29-rc8). The most recent data I can find that I published is for
>> 2.6.29, announced with the vbus-v3 release back in April:
>> In it, the virtio-net throughput numbers are substantially higher and
>> possibly more in line with your expectations (4.5gb/s) (though notably
>> still lagging venet, which weighed in at 5.6gb/s).
> Okay, that makes more sense. Would be nice to update the graphs as they
> make virtio look really, really bad :-)

Yeah, they are certainly ripe for an update. (Note that I was
unilaterally stale on venet numbers, too) ;)

>> Generally, I find that the virtio-net exhibits non-deterministic results
>> from release to release. I suspect (as we have discussed) the
>> tx-mitigation scheme. Some releases buffer the daylights out of the
>> stream, and virtio gets close(r) throughput (e.g. 4.5g vs 5.8g, but
>> absolutely terrible latency (4000us vs 65us). Other releases it seems
>> to operate with more of a compromise (1.3gb/s vs 3.8gb/s, but 350us vs
>> 85us).
> Are you using kvm modules or a new kernel?

I just build the entire kernel from git.

> There was some timer
> infrastructure changes around 28/29 and it's possible that the system
> your on is now detecting an hpet which will result in a better time
> source. That could have an affect on mitigation.

Yeah, I suspect you are right. I always kept the .config and machine
constant, but I *do* bounce around kernel versions so perhaps I got
hosed by a make-oldconfig cycle somewhere along the way.

>> If there is another patch-series/tree I should be using for comparison,
>> please point me at it.
> No, I think it's fair to look at upstream Linux. Looking at the latest
> bits would be nice though because there are some virtio friendly changes
> recently like MSI-x and GRO.

Yeah, I will definitely include kvm.git in addition to whatever is
current from Linus. I already have adopted using the latest
qemu-kvm.git into my workflow.


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