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SubjectRe: fanotify - overall design before I start sending patches
On Thursday 06 August 2009 11:10:59 Pavel Machek wrote:
> On Wed 2009-08-05 17:46:16, Tvrtko Ursulin wrote:
> > Just to make sure you haven't missed this - it is not that they have to
> > complete the whole operation before the timeout period (since you mention
> > realtime/mlock I suspect this is what you think?), but _during_ the
> > operation they have to show that they are active by sending something
> > like keep alive messages.
> >
> > Or you are worried about failing to meet even that on a loaded system?
> > There has to be something like this otherwise hung userspace client would
> > kill the whole system.
> Of course, I'm worried about failing to meet this on loaded
> system. And the fact that I _have_ to worry about that means that
> interface is ugly/broken.

Would you prefer an infinite timeout instead? Maybe Eric could make it
configurable. Or you have some other alternative ideas?


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