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    SubjectRe: iwlwifi (4965) regression since 2.6.30
    On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 03:49:43PM -0700, reinette chatre wrote:
    > This is strange. My previous test results were based on recent
    > wireless-testing. I now retested with a fresh pull from Linus's repo
    > (2.6.31-rc5) and I see the same behavior with Fn+F5 not changing the
    > wifi radio status at all. I do not know why we would see different
    > behavior considering we have the same platform and running the same
    > kernel. I found one related option in the BIOS, but with that I was only
    > able to have wireless HW rfkill permanently enabled.
    > I am not sure about the original problem though. In your original report
    > you mention that you are unable to use wireless due to rfkill. From your
    > email it seems that you are able to toggle wifi rfkill state using the
    > Fn+F5 keys, so with that disabling rfkill you should be able to use your
    > wireless. Can you still not use wireless even when rfkill reports
    > "RFKILL event: idx 6 type 1 op X soft 0 hard 0" ?


    I can use wifi if rfkill reports "RFKILL event: idx 6 type 1 op X soft 0 hard

    My problem is, that since 2.6.31-rcX Fn+F5 toggles soft rfkill state. It did
    not happen in 2.6.30 and earlier. In that case, Fn+F5 triggered an acpi event
    (key press). Now, it triggers acpi eveny *and* touches soft rfkill of WIFI.
    I like the previous behavior, i.e., don't touch anything, just report acpi

    Lukáš Hejtmánek
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