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    SubjectRe: adding proper O_SYNC/O_DSYNC, was Re: O_DIRECT and barriers
    Christoph Hellwig wrote:
    > P.S. better naming suggestions for O_FULLSYNC welcome

    O_FULLSYNC might get confused with MacOS X's F_FULLSYNC, which means
    something else: fsync through hardware volatile write caches.

    (Might we even want to provide O_FULLSYNC and O_FULLDATASYNC to mean
    that, eventually?)

    O_ISYNC is a bit misleading if we don't really offer "flush just the
    inode state" by itself.

    So it should at least start with underscores: __O_ISYNC.

    How about __O_SYNC_NEW with

    #define O_SYNC (O_DSYNC|__O_SYNC_NEW)

    I think that tells people reading the headers a bit about what to
    expect on older kernels too.

    -- Jamie

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