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    SubjectRe: kernels freezes dual pentium-3 system
    Osipov Stanislav wrote:

    > I have a dual Pentium-3 system. It based on Asus CUR-DLS mainboard
    > with 2 Pentium-3EB 1000MHz (133 MHz FSB) installed.
    > [...]
    > But under 2.6.30.x kernels box freezes without any alerts. TTL before
    > freezing is about 5-30 mins.
    > [...]
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Osipov Stanislav
    > Linux System Administrator.

    I also observe system lockups after upgrading to 2.6.30.[34]. The mainboard is
    an MSI-9105 with dual P-3 1400Mhz. TTL is a number of hours (which is going to
    make bisecting hard). Since all lockups have occured with a tainted kernel
    (nvidia) I am currently running a test with an untainted kernel. Should a
    lockup re-occur I will post details.


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