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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] open: introduce O_NOSTD
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    According to Florian Weimer on 8/28/2009 6:52 AM:
    > * Eric Blake:
    >> Your version fails to clear the cloexec bit of the final fd if the
    >> original caller didn't request O_CLOEXEC.
    > Okay, but you can fix that in a race-free manner (but I thought that
    > this was implied by open_safer).

    The current semantics of gnulib's open_safer is that the result is
    guaranteed to be 3 or larger. It would require an audit of all gnulib
    clients of the open_safer method to see whether it also makes sense to
    change the semantics of open_safer to also guarantee that fds start life
    with the cloexec bit set. But maybe that is a change worth making in
    gnulib, with applications intending to give an fd to a child process being
    required to explicitly clear the cloexec bit.

    >> Also, your suggestion has a definite race in that you are calling
    >> open() multiple times rather than cloning an existing fd after the
    >> first open(), such that another process could alter which file is
    >> visited between your first and last open().
    > Sure, but this is an unobservable differen.ce

    It is absolutely observable - if the user passed O_CREAT|O_EXCL as part of
    their flags, then the second open() will inappropriately fail.

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