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SubjectRe: popen2 popen call

-------------- Original message from Andreas Schwab <>: --------------

> "F. Heitkamp" writes:
> > When the popen call is made in sshd/session.c I get a error from
> > strerror of "Function not Implemented".
> Which function exactly returns this error?

In the openssh source distribution there is a file, session.c that uses popen, with the
ultimate purpose of fixing the .Xauthority file for X11 forwarding. It uses popen to set the DISPLAY, MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE etc. via the shell I think, executing xauth. In session.c popen is used three times under different conditions. I put strerror calls where the popen call returns a NULL pointer to try to find out why the popen call fails. I could post the section of code if you want to see. I am not a professional programmer.

The gist of it is:

fp = popen( cmdstr, "w" );
if ( !fp )
/* call strerror, errno */
> There is no such thing as a popen2 syscall.

OK. I read in one of the messages, that glibc, passes the popen call to a ABI in the kernel. I have not looked at the code in glibc yet.


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