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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.31-rc7
    On Wed, 26 Aug 2009 10:12:14 -0700 (PDT)
    Linus Torvalds <> wrote:
    > In all three cases the end result is "no EDID", but regardless of
    > that, the correct action is basically _never_ to say "ok, I'll just
    > assume that the display is on connector XYZ regardless of what the
    > state of the graphics chip is".

    Yeah, that's normal. Most builtin panels don't have EDIDs. Failures
    on attached monitors are potentially more serious.

    > > so yes I think do better at failing is what is needed, its still
    > > failing but its more user friendly fail.
    > Yes. If something fails ("oops, I can't seem EDID for any
    > connector"), I wish KMS would fail way better than just default to
    > some crazy setup. The failure mode should be to at least drive
    > whatever the BIOS enabled.

    Right, we need to improve our detection heuristics. We've recently
    added some to catch non-existent LVDS displays, but currently don't
    have any for VGA. Using the current configuration as a guide is a
    reasonable addition...

    Jesse Barnes, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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