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SubjectRe: system gets stuck in a lock during boot

* Justin Mattock <> wrote:

> O.K. I feel better, deleted
> my system, and threw in a minimal built system
> with only the bare essentials to boot.
> (just to make sure things are correct).
> unfortunately after building rc6 I'm still hitting
> this. really am not sure why this is happening.

Could you please double-check the bisection result by doing this:

git revert af6af30c0f

on the latest kernel and seeing whether that fixes the lockup?

Bisections are very efficient and hence very sensitive as well to
minimal errors. Just one small mistake near the end of a bisection
can blame the wrong commit.

So the best way to double-check such 100%-triggerable crashes is to
do the revert. I tried the revert and it can be done fine here.

[ _If_ that does not fix the bug then to save time you can
'backtrack' the bisection, instead of re-doing it completely.
I.e. you have your bisection log, re-check the final steps going
backwards. Once you find a discrepancy (i.e. a 'bad' point that
is 'good' or the other way around), redo the bisection log
commands up to that point and continue it up to the end. ]


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