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SubjectRe: Smart Battery System Design (was: Re: Question about userspace-consumer)

> > > Like you say this is a very old design but even there I'm fairly
> > > surprised it's causing issues when charging from a wall supply. If
> > > you're charging from USB then there is obviously a constraint on the
> > > power draw but normally a modern system has sufficiently low power draw
> > > when idle that it's not actually a big deal - runtime power management
> > > facilities have improved greatly.
> > Well... all the hardware I have here (zaurus, openmoko, htc dream) has
> > issues with power consumption while charging... so I do not think
> > runtime pm is solved problem.
> The Zaurus and OpenMoko aren't exactly modern designs. The Dream does
> surprise me, though. I can't find any references to issues with this -
> any pointers? If the phone were actually in use I'd expect it to have
> trouble charging off USB but sitting idle it's a lot more surprising,
> especially running Android.

Well, I'd like the older designs to work well too. (Actually, the
Dream... was on wifi when I got bad problems charging it from
usb.... so maybe charging while suspended would not help there).
(cesky, pictures)

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