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SubjectRe: Regression: Linux 2.6.31-rc7 lost sensors on asus mobo
On Saturday 22 August 2009, Robert Hancock wrote:
>On 08/21/2009 09:09 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Friday 21 August 2009, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>>> You know the drill, so all together now: "Another week, another -rc
>>> kernel".
>> Another rebuild didn't help:
>> Thinking it didn't load it87, I tried again:
>> [root@coyote 3.002005]# modprobe it87
>> FATAL: Error inserting it87
>> (/lib/modules/2.6.31-rc7/kernel/drivers/hwmon/it87.ko): Device or
>> resource busy [root@coyote 3.002005]# sensors
>> No sensors found!
>> Make sure you loaded all the kernel drivers you need.
>> Try sensors-detect to find out which these are.
>> Been there, done that, no joy.
>> From messages when I attempt to access the it87:
>> Aug 21 22:59:37 coyote kernel: [ 572.507928] it87: Found IT8716F chip at
>> 0x290, revision 1 Aug 21 22:59:37 coyote kernel: [ 572.507937] it87: in3
>> is VCC (+5V) Aug 21 22:59:37 coyote kernel: [ 572.507939] it87: in7 is
>> VCCH (+5V Stand-By) Aug 21 22:59:37 coyote kernel: [ 572.508232] ACPI:
>> I/O resource it87 [0x295-0x296] conflicts with ACPI region IP__
>> [0x295-0x296] Aug 21 22:59:37 coyote kernel: [ 572.508234] ACPI: Device
>> needs an ACPI driver
>> From uname -a
>> Linux coyote.coyote.den 2.6.31-rc7 #2 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 21 22:37:38 EDT
>> 2009 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
>> .config is attached, in case I've screwed the moose.
>The ACPI AML on your machine indicates that the BIOS may attempt to
>access the it87 hardware, and the kernel now by default blocks it87 from
>requesting those ports as it may conflict with what the BIOS is trying
>to do. On some machines, the ACPI BIOS accesses hardware monitoring
>chips itself to manage ACPI thermal zones, etc. and the conflicting
>access can cause incorrect temperature readings and other bad behavior.
>You can try acpi_enforce_resources=lax on the kernel command line to
>restore the previous behavior. Or for some Asus boards, you can try the
>asus_atk0110 ACPI driver instead of it87.

That module is loaded right now while I'm on rc5,

[root@coyote]# lsmod|grep asus
asus_atk0110 8124 0
hwmon 2552 2 it87,asus_atk0110
[root@coyote hwmon]# lsmod|grep it87
it87 20908 0
hwmon_vid 2780 1 it87
hwmon 2552 2 it87,asus_atk0110

and all seems well. I just went through a make xconfig for about 30 minutes,
looking to see if there was someplace to select that and actually make it
work in place of the it87 module.

I was not able to locate such an option. Now what?

Thanks, Robert.

Cheers, Gene
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