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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] kconfig: streamline distro configs for testers
On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 10:56:34PM -0400, Steven Rostedt wrote:
>Here's my rebase of the prior push of
>What this patch series does, is add my as a make
>option for users. What does is to look at the
>modules loaded in the system (lsmod) and then scans all the Makefiles
>and Kconfigs in the current directory tree to find what configs need
>to be set for the modules that are loaded.
>It then looks at the .config (if .config is not found, it looks
>in /boot, /proc/config.gz, vmlinux, configs.ko for .configs that it
>may be able to use). This script will remove all options set as =m that
>does not need to be set in order to build the modules found by lsmod.
>NOTE: This does not touch any =y option. If you do make allyesconfig
>and then run this, it will have not effect anything. Nor does this enable
>any thing that is not set. Although we may change this in the future.
>This patch series provides:
> make localmodconfig
>which will look for a .config to streamline. Then it will run silentoldconfig
>to clean up any missing options.
> make localyesconfig
>will remove all =m that is not needed to build the modules provided
>by lsmod, and then convert the rest to =y. Note, once you do this, no more
>changes will be made by these scripts.
>This is idea to help testers. Since a lot of people download a kernel
>from and then uses the distro config to configure it. This can
>take hours to build. Now all a tester needs to do, is to download the
>kernel from and run "make localmodconfig". This will disable
>most of the modules that are set in distro kernels and speed up the
>build time by magnitudes!


If I understand this correctly, this is what many people desired to
have to configure kernel automatically.

I am just a little bit confused by the names "streamline" and
"localXXconfig", how about "autoconfig" ?


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