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SubjectRe: Latest Linus tree oopses on Nehalem box

* Jes Sorensen <> wrote:

> On 08/21/2009 01:46 PM, Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> Might be useful to see your full crashlog, if you are allowed to
>> post that, plus your kernel .config would be useful to know too.
>> Plus would be useful to know whether this is a regression relative
>> to .30 or a yet unfixed bug triggering on your class of hardware.
> Hi again,
> It looks like this is either timing related or a false alarm :(
> I saved the .config reverted to an older commit, and then tried to
> go back, and now the thing will suddenly boot.
> I'll try to see if I can reproduce it, if I manage, I shall be
> happy to post the .config and the full boot log. It's a Supermicro
> motherboard of some sort:
> Supermicro X8DTN+
> AMIBIOS Core Ver:08.00.15
> There is nothing special about it, but I know the BIOS is utter junk.
> Sorry for the noise.

I'd say it's timing related and still unfixed - crashes that deep in
the scheduler we'd sure know about, had we fixed such in any recent
kernels. Do you still have the last 10 lines of the bootup leading
up to the crash?


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