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    SubjectWhat to do?
    Hi all.

    A few months back, I posted TuxOnIce for something like the third time,
    seeking to see if we could make some progress on getting it merged. The
    outcome of that was an agreement between Rafael and I that we'd work on
    getting TuxOnIce functionality (if not the actual code) merged bit by
    bit, improving swsusp rather than doing an outright merge.

    Unfortunately, as the intervening months have shown, Rafael is busy with
    other things and so am I. The few patches I did prepare and post have
    had no review, and I haven't had a chance to build on or rework them
    since. (I'd actually like them not to be merged, because I've realised
    that there are more foundational changes that need to go in first.)

    Given that this has been the outcome so far, I see no reason to imagine
    that we're going to make any serious progress any time soon.

    I'd therefore like to ask whether there's anyone out there who could do
    one or more of:

    1) Step up to the plate and help improve swsusp, without relying on any
    help from me but with my blessing if they choose to copy wholesale bits
    of TuxOnIce;
    2) Take over maintaining TuxOnIce from me;
    3) Some other way forward that hasn't occurred to me.

    Thoughts, input, flames, whatever else welcome. A lack of deadly silence
    would be especially appreciated :)



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