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SubjectRe: [ofa-general] Opinions on moving Linux InfiniBand/RDMA mailing list to vger?
Roland Dreier wrote:
> Lately, I've had a few emails that I thought would have been of interest
> to both lkml and also to I've held back
> on cross-posting them because I know that general@ is subscribers-only,
> and the bounce messages are quite annoying to replies coming from lkml.
> The general@ list is subscribers-only because the
> sysadmin team is already overworked without trying to keep an open list
> spam free. (I say that with no intention to criticize the
> admins -- they do a terrific job of keeping things
> running with the limited resources available; it's more a testament to
> how impressive the vger mailing list admins are)
> I've also noticed one or two messages about the possibility of moving
> another moderated list to vger. Certainly I prefer open lists that
> don't require subscriptions to post.
> So with that background, what would people think about creating an open
> vger list (say, to carry the discussion
> currently on (The transition plan would
> probably be to keep the general@ list for a month or two, with frequent
> announcements of the new list, until archives etc. have caught up with
> the switch)



> Thanks,
> Roland
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