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    SubjectRe: system gets stuck in a lock during boot
    Li Zefan wrote:
    >>> BTW, how did you get the dmesg? Is it from a clean boot?
    >>> Since it works fine in -rc5 but breaks in -rc6, could you do a git bisect
    >>> on it? It shouldn't take too long.
    >>> Thanks,
    >>> -- Steve
    >> well grub2 sure works o.k.
    >> the new gfxload is pretty good.
    >> problem is the screen just says
    >> [Linux-bzImage etc.....]
    >> and that's it. (was hoping to make the
    >> font smaller to reveal the bug).
    >> at this point the only choice I have is to undo
    >> commits until I hit the right one.
    > You still can do bisect manually. or use quilt?
    after going schizo with reverting patches,
    I've come down to thinking that this freeze might
    have to do with the tracer merge that happened
    a few days ago. (been avoiding that one) I'll have
    to revert (If I can) the whole thing to see if this
    machine boot's with rc6.
    As for perf I reverted everything
    up to rc5, and the machine still sticks telling me that
    might not be the issue.

    Justin P. Mattock

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