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SubjectRe: kernel segv with 2.6.31-rc6 ?
> Actually, I think we do; the module loader is a runtime linker, after
> all. [...]

Indeed you do. I've just read some of the parts of ld that normally
address this issue for HPPA. They don't run for ld -r. So this is just
another fine example of the lunacy of the ET_REL .ko madness that would be
naturally avoided by a sensible tweaked ET_DYN scheme. But that battle was
lost way, way back in the long, long ago, so long ago they were probably
even still making HPPA machines then.

> Now, of course, if the final linker could be persuaded to sprinkle
> needed stubs through the text section and all we have to do is GOT
> relocations, we don't need all the jiggery-pokery ... but I'm told this
> can't be done.

Not with ld -r as it is today. That's what ld does for you in proper final
links. It looks to me like you might be able to enable some special mode
("finalish link" for -r) with a hack to HPPA ld to apply this stub-creation
logic based on the assumption that the symbols in the relocs will be
resolved to themselves, and barf on you if they're used for SHN_UNDEF symbols.
But nobody cares enough to fiddle with ld.


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