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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] Drop platform sysfs support
    Hi Alan,

    > >> In practice I suspect it makes no difference that the rfkill and
    > >> backlight devices are exported as virtual devices with no physical
    > >> parent. I just don't think it's "right" :-).
    > >
    > > it actually does make a difference for hardware detection. We wanna have
    > > them hanging of the compal platform device.
    > Ok. I wasn't sure that userspace was allowed to rely on that, but I
    > re-read Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-devices and I see now that it
    > can be allowed.
    > Some of these issues with the compal-laptop work may come from copying
    > dell-laptop. dell-laptop is the only driver which creates rfkill
    > devices without a parent device. In fact, it doesn't even create a
    > platform device :-).

    then that should be fixed. All RFKILL switches should really have a
    parent and not dangling around the virtual tree. Especially since they
    have physical hardware in the system.

    > I'll try sending a patch or two to clean up dell-laptop. I don't have
    > the hardware but it should be pretty mechanical, almost a copy+paste
    > job from a "good" driver.

    That would be good. I don't have the hardware either, but others here
    can test it.



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