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    SubjectRe: ohci1396_dma=early nogo on an imac?
    Stefan Richter wrote:
    > Justin Mattock wrote:
    >> [ 660.190134] ieee1394: Current remote IRM is not 1394a-2000
    >> compliant, resetting...
    > ...
    >> keeps going.
    > It's a bug in ieee1394.
    > Use the ieee1394 disable_irm=1 parameter on one or both nodes.
    > Perhaps firescope will then get going as well.
    Well I guess this is not going to work.
    unable to use a boot param to initialize the dma=early option
    plus if I'm able to do that, the system gets stuck before the modules
    even activate.(man I got hosed...)

    any other ideas on how to debug such a scenario?

    Justin P. Mattock

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