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SubjectRe: [boot crash] Re: [tip:x86/mce3] x86, mce: use 64bit machine check code on 32bit
Hidetoshi Seto wrote:
> One possibility is: if the BIOS doesn't clear status in banks,
> new mce codes will try to log such junks.
> If the junk is totally junk but can be decoded as a valid log with
> MISCV or ADDRV bit, and if the cpu try to access register which is
> not implemented (e.g. IA32_MCi_MISC/ADDR), then such access might
> cause a general protection exception. (ref. ASDM 3A

The MCA declares if it comes with ADDR or MISC in a status bit
and the MCA code only accesses these MSRs if these status bits are set.
Also I believe P3 implemented ADDR at least, likely even MISC.

The old 32bit MCA code did that too


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