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Subject[RFC patch 0/3] Support for irq chips on slow busses (i2c, spi) - V2
The support for irq chips on slow busses eg. i2c, spi has been
discussed to great length several times. Most of the details can be
found in this thread:

The following patch series is a round up of the various patch snippets
sent out during the discussion and the ideas we agreed on.

This is version 2 of the patch series. The main changes vs. V1

- patch 1/3: Provide a generic primary handler function which just
returns IRQ_WAKE_THREAD as this is all what oneshot
threaded handlers need to avoid useless copies of that
all over the place.

- patch 2/3: Reverted to the initial idea of conditional locking to
allow drivers to be used for both slowbus and standard
interrupts without any magic in the driver code

- patch 3/3: To avoid different driver code for nested or separate
thread handling a new function is provided which allows
to mark the interrupt nested. request_threaded_irq()
creates a separate thread only when the flag is not set.

Please have a thorough look and hopefully a test ride on your
favourite slowbus irq chip implementation so we can get this into .32



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