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SubjectQuestion about userspace-consumer
Hi all,

I was reading userspace-consumer file ad was wondering whether would be
possible to use that in order to implement what SBS-IF [1] proposes
using sbs-enabled devices.

For doing that, probably userspace-consumer would have to be able to
set_voltage/get_voltage, set/get_current_limit and so on. So I was
thinking on changing userspace-consumer to use regulator_get() instead
of regulator_bulk_get() and make each instance of userspace-consumer to
talk to only and only one regulator.

I didn't put down any code but that seems quite plausible if we attach
userspace-consumer to the proper regulator(s) on board-file.

For doing the implementation and test part, I was thinking on getting
a bq2084evm [2] and sniffing the usb-i2c bus in order to write down some
code to use that under linux, but that's just implementation details.

Anyways, how do you guys feel about it ?



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