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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] ZERO PAGE by pte_special

On Thu, 9 Jul 2009, KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki wrote:
> + /* we can ignore zero page */
> + page = vm_normal_page(vma, addr, pte, 1);

> - page = vm_normal_page(vma, addr, ptent);
> + page = vm_normal_page(vma, addr, ptent, 1);

> - page = vm_normal_page(vma, address, pte);
> + page = vm_normal_page(vma, address, pte, (flags & FOLL_NOZERO));

> + int ignore_zero = !!(flags & GUP_FLAGS_IGNORE_ZERO);
> ...
> + page = vm_normal_page(gate_vma, start,
> + *pte, ignore_zero);

> + if (ignore_zero)
> + foll_flags |= FOLL_NOZERO;

> + /* This returns NULL when we find ZERO page */
> + old_page = vm_normal_page(vma, address, orig_pte, 1);

> + /* we can ignore zero page */
> + page = vm_normal_page(vma, addr, pte, 1);

> + /* we avoid zero page here */
> + page = vm_normal_page(vma, addr, *pte, 1);

> + /*
> + * Because we comes from try_to_unmap_file(), we'll never see
> + * ZERO_PAGE or ANON.
> + */
> + page = vm_normal_page(vma, address, *pte, 1);

> struct page *vm_normal_page(struct vm_area_struct *vma, unsigned long addr,
> - pte_t pte);
> + pte_t pte, int ignore_zero);

So I'm quoting these different uses, because they show the pattern that
exists all over this patch: confusion about "no zero" vs "ignore zero" vs
just plain no explanation at all.

Quite frankly, I hate the "ignore zero page" naming/comments. I can kind
of see why you named them that way - we'll not consider it a normal page.
But that's not "ignoring" it. That's very much noticing it, just saying we
don't want to get the "struct page" for it.

I equally hate the anonymous "1" use, with or without comments. Does "1"
mean that you want the zero page, does it means you _don't_ want it, what
does it mean? Yes, I know that it means FOLL_NOZERO, and that when set, we
don't want the zero page, but regardless, it's just not very readable.

So I would suggest:

- never pass in "1".

- never talk about "ignoring" it.

- always pass in a _flag_, in this case FOLL_NOZERO.

If you follow those rules, you almost don't need commentary. Assuming
somebody is knowledgeable about the Linux VM, and knows we have a zero
page, you can just see a line like

page = vm_normal_page(vma, address, *pte, FOLL_NOZERO);

and you can understand that you don't want to see ZERO_PAGE. There's never
any question like "what does that '1' mean here?"

In fact, I'd pass in all of "flags", and then inside vm_normal_page() just

if (flags & FOLL_NOZERO) {

rather than ever have any boolean arguments.

(Again, I think that we should unify all of FOLL_xyz and FAULT_FLAG_xyz
and GUP_xyz into _one_ namespace - probably all under FAULT_FLAG_xyz - but
that's still a separate issue from this particular patchset).

Anyway, that said, I think the patch looks pretty simple and fairly
straightforward. Looks very much like 2.6.32 material, assuming people
will test it heavily and clean it up as per above before the next merge


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